The Lavanga Group and Wizdom at Work embrace the E.I.E.I.O. mindset when it comes to our convention workshops. Our pledge to any sponsoring organization is to provide your participants with Education, Information, Entertainment, Inspiration, and especially to Over deliver on value. Whether you are planning a classroom meeting, large convention or team building program, we have a program to fit your needs.



Convention and meeting breakout programs are designed around your theme and will integrate the methodologies utilized by The Lavanga Group to stretch the audience and supply them with valuable take away tools.

These programs are 1-3-5 hour, all day, weekend, or week-long sessions that are as flexible as your event demands. Chose from the varied program selection of Wizdom At Work or let us design one for your specific needs.



Taking cost effective corporate retreats is not only an investment in teambuilding but one of the most effective training tools an organization can employ. Creating teams that work effectively across departments and individual entity boundaries is one goal of our corporate retreat program.

We design retreat programs to:

  • Link individual and organizational vision and values.
  • Link the vision and values to every activity in your business reality.
  • Link all teams to their role in fulfilling individual and organizational goals.

Retreats activities and duration are as flexible as your budget and time allowances demand. On-site or on location – ½ day, full day, to week long programs are the most popular. Let us design or help you plan and design your retreat


Continual Improvement Programs

Personal Development Yoga (PDYOGA) Fitness Program

PDYoga is a fitness and personal development system.  In this program, you will integrate your vision, mission, and goals with the power of Yoga.  The result is a laser beam focus on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Health and Life Coach Training Introduction

Training you in a cutting edge, holistic system, that not only includes the tools and techniques of coaching, but in the art of being a coach.  We enable you to understand and develop the attitudes, knowledge and skills of a professional coach through 3-6 personally transformative months. You will master Listening, Questioning, Conversation, Values, Beliefs, Building Rapport, Building Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, and Ethical Coaching skills.

Transformation – Stress Management Program 

The Demartini Method is a tool for clearing the heart and mind so that the energy of attraction can be focused and magnified.  Join Dr. Dan Lavanga, a 10-year trained facilitator in an inspiring program that gives you the tool to transform challenges into the fuel to attract what you truly desire in life.

Magnetic Healing Program Intro

No Magnets Involved. Only the magnetic energy between two people is used and amplified in this program. THIS IS POWERFUL WORK!!!! Magnetic Energy is brought into our bodies via the five senses and the breath.  There are age old techniques to amplify this energy and direct it through the hands to create balance and calm.  Learn in a few hours how to readily access these qualities of healing which we all process.


Becoming a Life Coach

Professional Coaching FAQ’s

Q: What is professional, personal, and life coaching?

A: The most successful people on the planet in every field, especially sports and business, utilize coaches.
Modern day coaching is a relatively new phenomenon with roots that go back to antiquity in the form of mentors, apprentices, teachers, Aristotle and Alexander, artisan and military training.

  Coaches provide an objective view, challenge, accountability, inspiration, direction, focus, support, and validation.

More importantly coaches share knowledge, reproducible methodologies, and strategies so clients can become more self-sufficient, reliant, effective, efficient ands rise to higher levels of consciousness, breakthrough current paradigms, and become expert in balancing their own work/life.

Q: Who would benefit from coaching?

A: Anyone who is ready to make personal or business transitions or changes, step up and facilitate going for what they want, simply want more organization or a specific result in a project or goal.

People who are successful in one area looking for balance by expanding that success to all seven primary areas of living, spiritual, mental, career, financial, family, social, and physical health.

Professionals, managers, business owners, people who want to become coaches, and anyone seeking to play a bigger game in their own lives.

Q: What are the logistics?

A: Most coaching is done by phone in half to full hour sessions on a weekly basis, lasting anywhere from one month to ongoing multiyear arrangements.

Q: Why “The Lavanga Group Executive Coaching” versus other coaching programs?

A: Dr. Lavanga has 22 plus years experience as a coach.

The Lavanga Group utilizes a proven and tested system “The Law of 7s Leadership Program” as the foundation for its coaching program.

The mission of the Lavanga Group Coaching is to assist clients in mastering the seven primary areas of life; uncover, rediscover, create, and focus on a life plan, tap into inner inspiration in order to make daily life a reflection of the magnificent potential within.


Chiropractic Life Coaching Certification

The Chiropractic Life Coaching program was created by and for Chiropractors and is based on the same principles which have allowed the profession to take the lead in the integration of holistic, vitalistic, and scientific advances in all areas of living.

The CLC Certification Program focuses on the skills you have already developed and integrates the most advanced methodologies in:

  • Recognizing and communicating in the value system of others
  • Blueprinting a powerful life plan and strategy for success
  • Building and breaking habits by shifting values
  • Stress, time, and financial management
  • Balancing emotional charges that shade reality and block progress
  • Turning fear and guilt into fuel
  • Integrating the 7 “Words of Power” into your daily life
  • Your current client base is the starting point in your training as a trusted advisor, who not only aligns the spine, but the mind with the divine, so your clients shine like the true light being they are!

All of this and you will be handsomely or beautifully paid and appreciated.