“Wizdom at Work”

A personal and professional management training company bringing the wisdom of the ages to the daily functions of entrepreneurs and organizations.

Management Training Philosophy

The Professional seeking excellence understands that the goal is not to have life get easier! It is to take on new levels of management, responsibility and influence. This is what leads to our fulfillment, self worth and success in business and in life. That is why personal, professional, and business development are inseparable.

Mastering the seven areas; spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social, and physical is the key to a balanced, inspired, thriving, and fulfilling business and life. The benefit of the Wizdom at Work program is an increase in organizational alignment, management capabilities, loyalty, inspiration, productivity, retention and the bottom line.


New managers and supervisors find it hard to accept the fact that they lose more rights than they gain when they take on a new title and the subsequent responsibilities. The ability of even the most experience leaders to remember this rule can make the difference between success and failure, jeopardize their career, and put the organization at risk. The eleven fundamentals of managerial behavior are thoroughly integrated into this program.

  • The right to lose your temper
  • The right to hobnob and be one of the crowd
  • The right to bring personal problems to work
  • The right to speak freely
  • The right to be against change
  • The right to pass the buck
  • The right to get even
  • The right to choose favorites
  • The right to think of yourself first
  • The right to ask an employee to do what you wouldn’t do
  • The right to expect immediate reward from your work

 Executive Coaching

 Executive coaching is a professional developmental relationship formed between our coaches and an individual who has executive/leadership/management authority and responsibility in your organization. The purpose is to help the executive achieve a mutually identified set of goals, improve his or her leadership performance and alignment with the goals of the organization. Using a formally defined coaching agreement is used to set the stage; our coaches use a wide variety of methodologies and tools in the process to build on the strengths of the leader. 



This training program brings inspiration into the workspace by linking employee/employer’s – values/mission/goals with daily work activities. The result is a team dedicated to achieving their mission based on mutual benefit.