Presence, or present-time consciousness, is the moment when our mind is not occupied by thoughts, ideas, guilt, or blame concerning the past, or thoughts, ideas, and fears concerning the future.  Being present to life is an important skill to develop.  This includes paying attention to our children when they speak to us and being in the moment behind the wheel of a car.  Most of life is being missed by not being in present-time consciousness.  What fills our mind if not the moment of life before us?  Thoughts of the future and the past make up the myriad of mental images we experience with every suggestion or question.  Some say future fear and past guilt.  Presence is called the love state, the balanced state, the equilibriated state, when your emotions are not running your life.  When you are elated, seeing many more positives than negatives, time seemingly speeds up and flies.  When you are depressed, seeing many more negatives than positives, time slows down and drags.  Actually, the same amount of time passes in either situation.  Emotions warp time and space.  Emotions gravitate and weigh us down.  Present-time consciousness is timeless and spaceless and enlightens us.  Most people pursue the positive and try to avoid the negative.  Both are futile and take us out of the present.  When you see that every perceived negative in your life brings with it an equal and opposite positive, and every positive brings and equal and opposite negative, you enter an equilibriated, or present-time, consciousness state.  In this state you see both sides of reality and appreciate your life and the events in it as part of the perfection.  A master is one who has the ability to achieve this present-time consciousness state consistently.  Developing our mission and setting goals while in present-time consciousness elevates us to a higher frequency vibration and energy state.  This increases the potential for finding our true purpose and attracting to us the things we seek.