Personal Mastery Coaching

Develop a clear, powerful plan of attack to produce massive transformation in your professional and personal life.

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Learn to balance perceptions, overcome challenges and obstacles while keeping yourself focused on the big vision.

Discover the success secret known by the world’s top achievers with the Law of 7’s Program. The Law of 7’s Coaching Program will assist you in plunging forward with purpose, confidence, and a success strategy. You will master the seven primary areas of living: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social, and physical.

Reasons to Participate

  1. Career dissatisfaction or transition
  2. Desire for greater balance, organization, and calm
  3. Financial stability and mastery
  4. Business focus, productivity, and profitability
  5. Business/Stress/ Weight management
  6. Greater physical and mental vitality
  7. Fulfillment in familial and social relationships

What to Expect From Your Law of 7’s Program


Comprehensive Coaching / Training Manual


2 Hours of In-Person or Phone Consultations per Month


Email Access to Your Coach


Exclusive Discounts on All Additional Programs