Personal Development Fitness

The Synergy Seminar Series

A training program combining business and personal management with the universal principals of health and human effectiveness. This unique paring of western and eastern philosophies has proven to be beneficial in the areas of motivation, awareness, team loyalty, productivity, and health. The program is divided into four parts:

  • Human Effectiveness
  • Time/Self Management
  • Inspired Purpose
  • Peak Health Potential

PDYOGA© is a tool to put you on an auto-pilot path to Self-Mastery

PDYOGA (Personal Development Yoga) Personal Development Yoga (PD Yoga) was created as the ultimate exercise, time and stress management, organization and integration tool for busy, productive, and goal oriented people. It is a cutting edge methodology that integrates one’s goals, visions, and mission with the power of Yoga poses (asanas), meditation, deep breathing (Pranayama), and the universal principles behind the Seven Words of Power. The result is a powerful laser beam focus on one’s physical, mental and spiritual health and well being as well as putting one’s unconscious mind on autopilot to achieve one’s goals and dreams in life. Following the Seven Steps of PDYoga© and spending 20-30 minutes 3-5 times weekly enables one to be well on their way to a healthy, vital, active, fulfilling, and successful life.  For seminar and services information call 1-(888) LAVANGA or email us at

PERSONAL DEVELOPEMENT YOGA (PDYOGA) CERTIFICATION At last a chance to learn how Dr. Lavanga facilitates the PDYOGA program. Learn how to train others in this method of life mastery, exercise, and integration of body, mind, and spirit. What others talk about you will be able to do as well as teach. The training program is fun and enriching as you work your life plan and define your purpose, gain skills in balancing emotions, and get physical with the escalating physical postures and breathing techniques that are ancient and magical. You will be given all the tools to take this program as far as you desire, helping yourself and others open their heart to their dreams and inspire their bodies to fulfill their destiny. These 4 days are packed with inspiration and filled with practical tools to help you master this program and share it with others immediately.

  • Working with like minded individuals
  • Insights on marketing
  • How to teach others in stages
  • How to help others repair their health
  • How to help others find their center
  • How to turn a healthy program into a career

Dr. Lavanga On PDYoga

The practice of Yoga and the science of personal development have been a part of my health and wealth ritual for over 30 years.  About 10 years ago, as my schedule became so busy, I was given the inspiration to combine the time I spent daily reading and writing goals and affirmations with the time spent doing Yoga.  This not only saved time but I noticed that the state of mind attained during Yoga was fertile soil for intentionally plugging in my life’s purpose, goals, dreams, and visions.  The results were awe-inspiring as the ability to manifest these intentions and keep them on the forefront of my mind became easier and easier.  Soon it was revealed that the integration of a series of postures, the life plan, goals in the seven primary areas of life, spiritual, mental, career, financial, family, social, and physical as well as the seven words of power, gratitude, unconditional love, wisdom, certainty, presence, inspiration, and enthusiasm were to become a system to be shared with the few who are ready…  This easily learned system is one of the most powerful tools for personal health and mastery ever taught on earth.

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