A Fitness Program for the Mind

This book draws upon the research and teachings of some of the top masters past and present in personal development, management, and philosophy. It is a comprehensive and holistic tool that provides an accelerated path to the art of self-mastery.

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Law of Sevens Leadership Training

The focus of this training is professional vision, mission, strategic planning, accountability, responsibility, charisma, financial success, family, social, and global influence. The results of the Law of 7’s leadership training program can be measured in terms of the following outcome assessments:


  • Increased clarity of personal mission
  • Full alignment with company/personal mission
  • Mental and physical vitality, health, and fitness
  • Long term goals, vision, and thinking
  • Self Reliance
  • Increased spiritual, mental, and financial self worth
  • Communication of values through others value systems


  • Inspiration versus motivation
  • Understanding of larger purpose
  • See self as subset of team
  • Mastermind principles (synergy)
  • Value self and others success
  • Link personal growth to team/company growth
  • Congruent use of time, energy, and money


  1. Higher consciousness resonance of mission
  2. Company and team on purpose
  3. Awareness of organization’s global impact
  4. Financial security of company and team
  5. Balanced corporate structure
  6. Balanced relationship between clients, customers, and employees
  7. Balanced relationship between management team, board of directors, and shareholders