He who has the most certainty rules! Certainty is not just confidence, bravado, or bluffing, poker-faced I’ve-got-the-cookie smile. Certainty is knowing that you know-that you know. The deeper knowledge that comes with wisdom and experience is the source of certainty. One method of achieving certainty in our lives is by following the path set forth in this book. The balanced emotions, resolve, and focused goals of a “man on his mission” create a certainty that vitalizes us like no pseudo-emotions can. The expression, “who you are shouts so loudly, I can hardly hear what you are saying,” speaks true of the person who has a certainty birthed from an inner vision and knowledge. When the heart is open, the mind is clear and present, and the message is delivered with divine certainty. True certainty is the result of balanced emotions, inner vision, organized thinking, and a plan of action.