About Dr. Dan Lavanga – Principal of the Lavanga Group

Dr. Dan Lavanga is a Principle of The Lavanga Group and Wizdom at Work, a corporate consultancy specializing in organizational alignment, leadership, management, and sales.  Dr. Dan is the trainer’s trainer and coach’s coach teaching the Law of Sevens Training System to corporate trainers, management level leaders, and entrepreneurs. His programs assist individuals and organizations in aligning business objectives with personal values, personal and professional leadership and management.


Dr. Lavanga has been a keynote speaker; seminar and workshop leader for individuals and organizations since 1987. Topics range from personal mastery, sales, team training, health and stress management, breaking through obstacles, mission development, personal and professional loyalty, inspiration, productivity, and profitability. Dr. Lavanga is available as a keynote speaker on topics in all seven areas of living: Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Family, Social, and Physical.


Dr. Lavanga has spent eighteen years as a leadership, executive, life coach and trainer. Certified to teach The Demartini MethodTM through the Concourse of Wisdom based in Houston, Texas.

He is one of the few enlightened thinkers and teachers of the new millennium who are making the link between the laws governing the human body and health, those governing the corporate body, the business cycle and success in managing and maintaining an inspired and loyal workforce.

His specialty is informing and entertaining, while teaching no nonsense truths on reaching our maximum potential in health and business, creating efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and profitability, while being the best we can be in all aspects of living.

In addition to Wizdom at Work, THE LAVANGA GROUP manages a Holistic Health Centre, an Executive Coaching Business, The Chiropractic Life Coach Certification Program, and Personal Development Yoga (PDYoga) Certification Program.

The Lavanga Group provides “Power Tools” for inspiration and transformation to individuals and organizations committed to fulfilling their mission.

Dr. Dan has worked in the corporate environment since 1997, assisting companies with organizational alignment, peak performance programs, executive coaching, creating best practices manuals, developing
internal training departments, forming management groups for multi business entities, and organizational change dynamics and strategies.