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The Lavanga Group

Discover the success behind organizational development, process development, team building, change dynamics, employee development and leadership. Programs such as the Lavganga Group Law of Sevens Coaching Program teaches you how to organize and manage your thoughts and actions to create a greater sense of living and a higher probability for success.

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Discover the success secret known by the world’s top achievers with the laws of 7’s program. The Law of 7’s Coaching Program will assist you in plunging forward with purpose, confidence, and a success strategy. You will master the seven primary areas of living: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social, and physical.

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Most people only see the surface of reality. As a leader, you have the responsibility to be authentic, and to draw out the authentic nature of everyone in your charge. This program is not for the novice, it is for the experienced leader who wants to take it to the next level. Join us as we unfold the mysteries that make greatness!

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Personal Mastery Program

The Lavanga Group Law of Sevens Coaching Program A concise and comprehensive monthly coaching program, assisting clients in clarifying their purpose, overcoming obstacles and limitations, utilizing cutting edge tools to master the seven primary areas of living; Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Family, Social, and Physical.


Professional Management

“Wizdom at Work” A personal and professional management training company bringing the wisdom of the ages to the daily functions of entrepreneurs and organizations. Our recent affiliation with Integrity at Work and Dynamic Synergies Group expands the capability and reach of Wizdom At Work.


Law of Sevens Leadership Training

The focus of this training is professional vision, mission, strategic planning, accountability, responsibility, charisma, financial success, family, social, and global influence. The results of the Law of 7’s leadership training program can be measured in terms of the following outcome assessments.



PDYOGA (Personal Development Yoga) Personal Development Yoga (PD Yoga) was created as the ultimate exercise, time and stress management, organization and integration tool for busy, productive, and goal oriented people. It is a cutting edge methodology that integrates one’s goals, visions, and mission with the power of Yoga poses (asanas), meditation, deep breathing (Pranayama), and the universal principles behind the Seven Words of Power.