Vitamins Provide Health Benefits


Taking your vitamins can be beneficial to your health.  Although we receive vitamins through the foods we eat, additional supplements can help increase your health.  Your diet may not provide all the essential nutrients that your body needs, so taking vitamins can help in a variety of ways.  Studies show that vitamins aid in the prevention of diseases such as heart problems, high cholesterol levels, eye disorders, and skin disorders.  For vitamins to work effectively, it is important to take them consistently.

Around this time of the year people are more prone to getting colds.  Taking Vitamin C regularly can help cure and even prevent the common cold.  In fact, research shows that when Vitamin C is taken daily, the length of a cold for an adult decreases by 8% and children who take the supplement daily shorten their cold duration by 14%.  Another supplement that is known to increase your brain health is DHA, otherwise known as omega-3.  Fatty fish contain omega-3 that can help improve overall health.  Studies have shown that DHA can help slow cognitive decline and help improve your memory.  The American Heart Association recommends eating fish like salmon, albacore tuna, lake trout, and catfish at least twice a week.  If you know your diet lacks these fatty fish, try taking fish oil supplements to get the necessary amount of omega-3.

The types of vitamins you need vary from person to person.  To find out what types of vitamins will best benefit you, contact the Lavanga Group today!