The Number One Key to Success is Simple, Work Hard


It isn’t a secret that most individuals strive for success in life.  We look at Oprah, Steve Jobs, or even the CEO of the organization we work for and think – “I could do that”.  How did they reach the level of success they have and I’m stuck behind a desk working FOR them?  How often do we all wish we were more successful, had a better job, more responsibility at work, or simply lived what we see as a “better life”?

In order to succeed in completing a marathon, one must train diligently and in the end, run 26.2 miles – alone.  With the exception of competitive runners, your only competition is yourself and your will to finish.  Why is success in other aspects of life any different?  We can rely on others for ideas and assistance; however, our personal success depends on us alone.

There is one MAJOR difference between those deemed highly successful and the worker bees.  The people who find themselves in the elite group we refer to as “a success” – are you ready for it – didn’t slack off! Not for an hour of any of their days.

In this article, Steve Tobak goes into detail explaining the seemingly simple concept of working hard, and sometimes around the clock, to be a success in whatever you set your mind to.  It is well worth the read and will open your eyes to the amount of time you spend not pursuing your own success!