Expand Your Consciousness

Expanding your mind to encompass the seven areas of life will stretch your consciousness. Once expanded, the mind cannot become small again. It is as if a light has been turned on (enlightenment), and the shadows have been revealed. Your ability to understand greater dynamics and balance stressful situations is directly related to how big a picture of the world you have.

To assist you in expanding your view, it preferable to find a mission that will go beyond your physical lifetime. Your goals in tune with this mission will necessitate a long-term vision and stretch you. Most people plan their lives based on emotions. This sets them up for failure. That is why most people depend on social security for retirement. By expanding your consciousness and rising above emotions, you set yourself up for success.

The growth of consciousness has been described as going from one concentric circle to another. Once we master one level, we break through and proceed immediately to the next level of challenge. The higher we go in consciousness, the larger the circles become. The larger the circle, the greater the domains of management, magnetism, and influence. The apprentice begins his journey being consciously conscious of his inability to perform his craft. After a time, he becomes consciously conscious of his ability to perform his craft. Ultimately, the craftsman becomes unconsciously conscious of expertly performing the tasks associated with his craft. It’s like driving a vehicle while eating or talking on cellphone. Like any skill, we learn best through assimilation and accommodation, taking one step at a time.


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