“What you do in life echoes in eternity” is a line made famous by the film “Gladiator”.  The career or vocational path you’ve chosen says a lot about who you are.  Also remember that there is no such thing as a “bad” career choice.  Every job you have or had has taught you a skill for future use.  The extent to which your vocation is congruent with your mission is the extent to which you get to do what you love to do in life.  Inside each of us is an unlimited potential, the potential for greatness.  We tap into this potential by listening to the voice from within our hearts.  Doing what you love to do in life brings steadiness and a quieting of the mind, which allows you to hear this calling and to follow.  Connecting your vocation and all the other areas of your life with your mission will add to your level of self-worth and fulfillment.


Your financial life deals with all aspects of your relationships to money and finances.  Your financial worth is intimately related to your self-worth.  To the extent that you suffer from low self-worth and feel undeserving, you will find a way to sabotage your financial endeavors.  To the extent that you have high self-worth and feel deserving, you will attract greater finances to manage.  This principle can be applied to all the areas of life.

Unconditional Love

I do not define love as an emotion. It deserves a greater place in human reality. Love is the transcendence of emotion. It is the highest-frequency spiritual state possible for human consciousness. Love is the equilibration of the duality of human emotions.

Omnia Vincit Amour – Love conquers all. (Vergil)

The entire universe is an expression of love in the form of light. In theology, one definition of the word divinity is “an emanation of light.” Science defines the high-energy state as the full-quantum state.

The universe is 99.9% lightwave particles (photons). The elements hydrogen, helium, calcium, etc., of the periodic table that make up our bodies and all the other matter in our world and beyond are, in effect, less than 1% of the universe. These elements are understood now by scientists to be frozen light in atomic-mass densities.

When matter-positively or negatively charged ions-is brought into the neutral state, it transforms into light. Matter becomes light, which is spaceless, timeless, massless, chargeless, and present-time consciousness. When light energy is dissipated into a positive and negative-charged ionic state, it becomes matter, which has space, time, charge, and mass, and past and future consciousness. Therefore, matter has the potential to merge positive and negative-charge ions to become light, and light has the potential to dissipate into positive and negative-charge ions or matter. Light energy to matter, matter to light energy. Love is the transforming force from matter to energy.

The human sensory system will perceive people and events as one-sided, either positive or negative (judgment). The master is one who sees the positive and negative in every person and event and rises above this paradox to the next level of conscious awareness. The ability to see both sides and appreciate with humbleness and all the magnificent of the universe we live in, lifts us to a place beyond opinion and clears the mind for inspiration and the resultant enthusiasm of the body. You have the potential to unleash the power of the universe in your life with the comprehension of this love principle.

Love is appreciating both sides of every event as a gift from God. It is loving the person who is putting the gold in your hands or nails in your coffin. A desire to love and be loved is as natural to the human species as being responsive to light. Giving and receiving love are as natural as breathing in and out. We breathe in the light and love energy from the source and breathe out the light and love energy to others. You cannot give love without receiving love, nor can you receive love without giving love. Love is order, balance, and present time. When we bring order to chaos and balance our emotions, we become present and we have access to the unlimited light and love energy of the universe. When we bring chaos to order and imbalance our emotions, we move into fear and guilt, we weigh ourselves down, and we dissipate and limit our energy. Gratitude is the gateway to open the heart to love and light. In gratitude is the pathway to gravitation and closes the love light within the heart.

The Seven Sacred Words – Wisdom, Gratitude, Presence, Inspiration, Certainty, Enthusiasm, and Unconditional Love – are words of power and gifts we receive to remind us of who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. We are terrestrial and celestial, we are body and soul, we are matter and spirit. We are stars, we came from stars, we are here to love unconditionally, and we will return to stars.



  • Wisdom is seeing both sides and loving what is, as it is.
  • Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that a crisis is a blessing. Wisdom there is nothing to hold on to, nothing to change.  Life is in perfect order.
  • Wisdom is what drops in when you have an insight that solves a problem, adds a new dimension to your life, or reflects a new way of being-an insight that you know if so certain you can feel it in your gut, even though you cannot give it any rational explanation. As you open your heart and mind to wisdom, you will receive an abundant stream of new inspirations, creative thoughts and energy.
  • The wise man views the bigger dynamic without losing touch with day-to-day living. He must balance a celestial consciousness with a terrestrial experience.  It is easy to sit in seclusion meditating on God, the universe and life.  Wisdom is being purposeful when you are called to bring your inner peace, steadiness, and certainty to a hectic world of instant gratification.


Gratitude means being grateful for what is as it is.  Gratitude is a state of mind, which, once attained, opens the doorway of the heart to unconditional love.  A state of gratitude allows access to the unlimited energy and power of the universe.  A heart filled with gratitude has no room for resentment and cynicism.  Gratitude allows us a glimpse of the blessings hidden within every perceived tragedy.  When we are grateful, we are in a growth, syntropic, or higher potential state.  Gratitude leads to a state of grace.  When we are grateful, out mind is an ordered, steadied, and clear condition, with the potential to be inspired.  When we are ungrateful, our mind is in a disordered, unsteadied, and unclear condition, with the potential for desperation.  It is our choice.

Back Pain Related To Lifestyle

According to WebMd there are several possible causes of lower back pain that relate to one’s lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy weight is imperative for your health. Carrying around those extra pounds puts added stress on your joints. What can you do today to improve your health? Maybe take a walk for 15 minutes, drink more water, and/or try getting an extra half an hour of sleep.

Cigarette smoking is known to increase the likelihood of lower back pain. Patients with a history of alcohol abuse or depression are four times more likely to suffer from back pain. Are you struggling with managing your emotions? Have you had some setbacks and are having a confidence crisis? Everyone needs help sometime. Do something today to improve your situation. There is no shame in asking for help. Building consistent healthy habits daily impacts how you feel and many times it helps transform other areas of your life. Start one small healthy change and implement it daily. Then slowly start adding to your daily activity to take care of yourself.  This study just reiterates another way how having healthy habits impacts your body. What you do daily take care of yourself stay connected with your values helps transform your life.

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Preventing Injuries from Falls

A recent study has found that exercise and vitamin D help prevent older adults from sustaining injuries from falls. Finnish researchers took a study of 409 women, living at home, ranging from the age of 70 to 80. They were randomly assigned to one of four groups; the first group was a placebo without exercise, then a daily vitamin D supplement without exercise, the third group was a placebo with exercise, and lastly a vitamin D supplement with exercise.

The exercises were done at a regular pace for the length of two years. They concentrated on balance, weight bearing, strength, and agility. Although neither the vitamin D supplement nor exercise reduced amount of falls those who took vitamin D alone were 16 percent less likely to sustain an injury, those who were in the placebo with exercise were 54 percent less likely, and those who took both the vitamin D and exercise were 62 percent less likely to sustain an injury from the fall than from the placebo without exercise group.

The researchers suggest that taking vitamin D and physical conditioning increases bone density, which helps in preventing injury. However, as for vitamin D if you have sufficient levels taking more vitamin D will not help you.

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Home Cooking and Healthy Living

The only thing better than a home cooked meal is a healthy home cooked meal.  Home cooking can be beneficial to your health and your well-being.  Just like anything else practice makes perfect! With the help of magazines, food networks, and social media, healthy home cooking is becoming more of a hobby and less of a task.  The more you cook at home the more efficient you become and the more you grow to enjoy it!

Creating meals at home isn’t as time consuming as you may think.  Keeping your ingredients and kitchen organized can save you time when prepping meals.  You can also enjoy a home cooked meal without even cooking every night…simply cook an excess amount in the beginning of the week and store it for future meals!  This way you and your family can reap the benefits of home cooking even when you are crunched for time!

Another benefit of home cooking is learning about the nutritional value of the foods you eat.  The more you cook the more health conscious you become.  You’ll soon discover the differences between healthy and unhealthy ingredients.  Being the chef also gives you control over the ingredients—this helps you monitor what you and your family consume.

Home cooking helps create memories.  In addition to creating healthy meals, home cooking also creates family bonds.  What was once considered a chore is now an enjoyable family affair…after all, everyone has to eat.

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How Being Alone Leads to Better Thinking

Have you ever noticed that when you are alone your mind races and you’re thinking about the whole entire day, sometimes more than one day.  It’s like your thought process has been put on hyperdrive!   We are all too often caught up in the rush of every day life that we don’t just stop to think when we need to.  This leads to near sleepless nights when our minds are racing because we finally have some downtime.  Imagine the level of thinking we could all achieve if we just slowed down every once in a while.

Thomas Edison was quoted saying, “The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst thinking has been done in turmoil.”  You may find that some solitude can increase your creativity!  When you open your mind to the vast silence of being alone, you may notice yourself thinking deeper into parts of your brain that you rarely tap due to lack of time!  You may even notice it easier to solve problems or simply be at peace.  Here you can read Matt Mayberry’s thoughts on how solitude can be your most powerful thinking tool.

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Depression and Chiropractic Care

Depression is a very tough subject to discuss, especially when you are the person affected.  It affects people’s physical day-to-day performance and is not simply their mind and also causes physical pain in some circumstances.  Eighteen percent of the U.S. population, age eighteen and older, in 2014 were diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  Nearly half of those were also diagnosed with depression alongside their anxiety disorder.  This is typically associated with death, loss, or trauma of any kind.

study from 2013 connected chiropractic care and easing the side effects from depression.    When people are depressed, it is easy to become careless about themselves.  Diet and personal care are most prominent to others around; however, simple tasks such as walking upright and keeping shoulders back take effort.  Depression is sometimes all consuming and it will take getting to the root of the depression first and foremost to turn it all around.  Chiropractic care has been shown to alleviate the secondary symptoms associated with slouching and the carelessness associated with self-worth and depression.

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