Define Your Motivation

The first step in motivating oneself is defining the motive for your engagement. This could coincide with two categories; internal and instrumental. An internal motive is for the personal gain of discovery for example, a personal trainer wants to discover the effects of a new workout routine so he researches this routine my implementing it as his new workout. This is internal because, the trainer wanting to discover the workouts effects is intrinsically related to research. Now say he wanted to discover the effects of this new routine to have it published in a fitness magazine to gain prominence in the workout culture, this would be an instrumental motive since, the relation between fame and research does not inherently coincide. However, people often have both internal and instrumental motives for their activities.

So one may ask, what is the appropriate mix of motives or which single motive is most advantageous in achieving success? One may come to believe that being motivated by both desires is more favorable than motivation by just one desire however, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences may disagree. One of their recently published articles is quoted saying, “instrumental motives are not always and asset and can actually be counterproductive to success.”

Data was drawn from 11,320 freshman cadets at West Point who were asked to rate what set of motives influenced their desires to attend the Military Academy. The data was examined five years later and without surprise to the NAS those with stronger internal reasons were more likely to graduate, become commissioned officers, and retain their service after their five years of required duty. Unless, they also combined this drive with strong instrumental motives. The combination of both motives lead to worse performance measures on graduation, effectiveness as a military officer, and less commitment to staying in the military.

The study suggest that when a person focuses on the impact and significance of their work instead of the financial or personal gain from that this may be the best and most effective way to improve quality of their work but also, their financial and personal gains.

So, next time you’re trying to motivate yourself t success focus on the significance and importance your work has as a whole and the personal gains will follow. Focus on the task at hand and challenge yourself to deliver better quality each and every time.

Why Vacations are Good for Your Health

With Summer right around the corner, it’s about that time to start looking forward to beach trips and getaways.  Vacations give you an opportunity to escape from your day-to-day responsibilities and get some much needed R&R.  Most of us come home from vacations feeling relaxed, happy, and ready to get back to work!  Vacations are great for getting a tan, spending time with family, and catching up on some reading.  What most people don’t realize is that vacations are also good for your health!  Check out the following ways a vacation can make you healthier and happier:

  • Helps you to reduce stress.  Whether you take a week long beach trip or just a day to play golf, vacations are one of the best ways to reduce stress levels!
  • Give your heart a break.  According to the Framingham Heart Study, “Women who take at least two vacations a year are eight times less likely to have coronary heart disease.”  Another study done with men who had an elevated risk for coronary disease, showed that those who didn’t take an annual vacation were 32% more likely to die from a heart attack than the vacationers.
  • Help you get closer to your family.  Vacations help you to create memories and share experiences with your families.
  • Make you smarter at work.  According to the National Institutes of Health, research shows that stress can have an impact on decision making.  By taking a few vacation days, you’ll feel refreshed and and focused.

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Why Leader is a Better Term Than Manager

The labels of leader and manager are used interchangeably in most situations at the job.  Many people aspire to be a manager at some point in their career.  These terms are drastically different by definition.  A manager directs and oversees while a leader shows how it’s done!  While there is need for more leaders in the workplace, as well as the world in general, too many leaders could cause the “followers” to misunderstand who it is they should be following.  In this article, Stacey Alcorn explains the difference between leader and manager and what it means to you.

Not being a leader is not a bad thing.  If everyone considered themselves leaders, who would they be leading?  Do you consider yourself a leader?

Bad Posture Affects Your Health

Bad posture can have many negative affects on your body and health.  Repeating poor posture can actually change and adapt your body’s alignment, causing you to experience pain.  Bad posture can cause what is referred to as a hunchback.  This is when your back forms a C shape at the top of your spinal column.  Bad posture can also cause rounded shoulders, which is common for people who work mostly at a desk.  To find out what may be causing your bad posture and ways to correct it, check out this site!

While a slow, slumped walk tends to make you drowsy, skipping helps you to avoid bad posture and raise energy levels.  A great exercise to help stretch your back and boost your energy levels is skipping.  According to an experiment, you are more likely to feel or think of something positive when you are sitting up straight.  Having good posture is important to your health and overall happiness.  In fact, your body language has the power to shape your personality and even change your hormones.  Check out Amy Cuddy’s famous Ted Talk to learn more!

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Are you Lacking in Happiness?

According to research, happiness is, to a large degree, determined by your genes.  Psychology professor David T. Lykken, says that “trying to be happier is like trying to be taller.” We each have a “happiness set point,” he argues, and move away from it only slightly.

If you notice that your genes are lacking in happiness, try the following strategies to help you foster positive emotions!

  1. Make a choice to become happy.  Happiness is an achievement that takes effort!  Decide to choose attitudes and behaviors that will lead to happiness.
  2. Cultivate gratitude.  University of Pennsylvania psychologist Martin Seligman suggests performing a daily “gratitude exercise.”  Everyday, try listing a few things that make you happy!
  3. Foster forgiveness.  According to research, holding grudges can affect physical as well as mental health.  Let go of bitterness and resentment in order to embrace happiness.
  4. Counteract negative thoughts and feelings by making a commitment to think positive thoughts.  If you find this challenging, try practicing mediation, rhythmic breathing yoga, or relaxation techniques.
  5. Money cannot buy happiness.  Research shows that once income climbs above the poverty level, more money brings very little extra happiness.

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Choosing the Right Coffee

Many of us cannot get through the day without coffee. Coffee often works as a motivator. We look forward to a fresh cup in the morning and often need to consume a few more cups throughout the day. Is it possible that we could be consuming too much coffee?

The average coffee drinker has about two to three cups every day. New studies show that drinking coffee can actually have health benefits, if consumed in moderation. It can protect against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and liver cancer. The Mayo Clinic reports that it may also improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of depression.

It’s important to realize that certain caffeine drinks can contain up to 500 calories. In order to provide health benefits, you must choose your coffee drink wisely. Javita coffee provides you with a great taste and benefits from natural herbs. It is a unique line of 100% natural, instant gourmet coffees infused with herbs. “The name Javita is a combination of two words—Java, a term used for coffee and Vita, the Latin word for life.”  Javita provides consumers with a chance to kick start their day with a healthy beverage.

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Motivate Yourself by Motivating Others

Motivating yourself can often be more difficult than motivating others.  Actually lending a hand to others can help you motivate yourself.  Hearing yourself instruct or coach others will make you expect more from yourself.  If you are trying to motivate others you will learn how to improve your own skills along the way.

When you are motivating others you are focused.  Being focused helps you to concentrate on your goals.  Coaching or training your co-workers helps you to stay fresh and aware at all times.  Being in the right mind set helps you to succeed.  At the Lavanga Group you will learn to balance perceptions, overcome challenges and obstacles while keeping yourself focused on the big vision.

Discover the success secret known by the world’s top achievers with the Law of 7’s Program. The Law of 7’s Coaching Program will assist you in plunging forward with purpose, confidence, and a success strategy. 
You will master the seven primary areas of living: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social, and physical.

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Exercise Improves Quality of Life

The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week.  One way to accomplish this is to workout for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.  Exercise helps to boost mental wellness, improve physical wellness, and prolong your optimal health.  Engaging in physical activity helps to improve your overall quality of life and also helps encourage you to spend some time outdoors!  Finding an exercise that you enjoy can be difficult. One way to overcome this battle is to make exercise enjoyable!
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The Annual Wounded Hero 5K is an event located in Warminster Pennsylvania to bring the community together in a show of support for our nations wounded Heroes.  This fun filled patriotic family event includes the 5k, The Manion Mile walk, face painting, balloon clowns, moon bounce, food and live entertainment and most importantly our wounded Heroes as guest speakers!  All proceeds raised from this event will go towards Operation Ward 57‘s Honor & Courage Program.  For more information about the Wounded Hero 5K, click here.
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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

People often seek chiropractic care for back pain.  About 35% of Americans who visit chiropractors annually seek relief from back pain.  However, chiropractors also treat patients suffering from neck pain, headaches, injuries, muscle strains, arthritis and more.  Recent studies reveal that chiropractic care may be more effective than medication in relieving neck pain.  Chiropractic care also focuses on on-going preventive and wellness care.  It promotes overall health and wellness by reducing the stress and irritation of the spinal nerve roots.

Chiropractic care can help reduce pain, improve joint range of motion, and even enhance your quality of life.  Chiropractors seek to develop treatment plans for their patients that will optimize their overall health.  Instead of resulting to medication for a “quick-fix,” chiropractic care focuses on relieving your pain and developing a plan to prevent similar injuries from occurring.  In “Dynamic Chiropractic,” Dr. Charles Masarsky explains that chiropractic care may also have long-term health benefits.  He identifies these long-term benefits as, “Retention of lung capacity, improved visual acuity, reaction time and balance, and enhanced cardiovascular health.”  Chiropractic care provides both short-term and long-term health benefits.  To find out more information about how chiropractic care can benefit your health, contact Lavanga Chiropractic today!

Expand Your Consciousness

Expanding your mind to encompass the seven areas of life will stretch your consciousness. Once expanded, the mind cannot become small again. It is as if a light has been turned on (enlightenment), and the shadows have been revealed. Your ability to understand greater dynamics and balance stressful situations is directly related to how big a picture of the world you have.

To assist you in expanding your view, it preferable to find a mission that will go beyond your physical lifetime. Your goals in tune with this mission will necessitate a long-term vision and stretch you. Most people plan their lives based on emotions. This sets them up for failure. That is why most people depend on social security for retirement. By expanding your consciousness and rising above emotions, you set yourself up for success.

The growth of consciousness has been described as going from one concentric circle to another. Once we master one level, we break through and proceed immediately to the next level of challenge. The higher we go in consciousness, the larger the circles become. The larger the circle, the greater the domains of management, magnetism, and influence. The apprentice begins his journey being consciously conscious of his inability to perform his craft. After a time, he becomes consciously conscious of his ability to perform his craft. Ultimately, the craftsman becomes unconsciously conscious of expertly performing the tasks associated with his craft. It’s like driving a vehicle while eating or talking on cellphone. Like any skill, we learn best through assimilation and accommodation, taking one step at a time.


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